Web Development

Unlock endless opportunities in the tech industry by learning web development. Build usable web applications, and become a sought-after professional with versatile skills.

David Anierobi

As a tutor from Uranus, we offer the best web design curriculum available. We are always in the know of new updates in the world of web design and we are passionate about education.

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Online. As a digital school, we offer both live and on demand classes online only.
The class are conducted in live cohort sessions. This means all the classes are live where you can interact with the tutor in real time, ask questions and work in groups with other people in the course.
The classes are usually scheduled during the week and students have 2-3 classes per week. Each class is between 19:00 pm – 21:00 pm (WAT) for a 2 hour period.
Yes. A certificate of completion will be issued to you at the end of the class. These certificates are verifiable by external parties.
You actually don’t need any prior knowledge. Our Beginner tech courses are designed to provide you with comprehensive guidance starting from the basics.
You can find the prices of each course on the course page.
Payment plans are available for every course. You can make a two-time installment payment: 60% before the course starts and the 40% balance before the project submission at the end of the course.
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